February 8, 2022 Early Exit Exam Schedule and Rules (T3, Resit and Erasmus applicants):


February 8, 2022   Early Exit Exam Schedule and Rules (T3, Resit and Erasmus applicants):

Reading: 10:00-11:30 (Exam duration: 70 minutes)

Listening: 11:40-12:50 – The lecture will be delivered over Zoom (Audio duration: ~27 minutes + Questions: 20 minutes) 

LUNCH BREAK     12:50-14:00

Writing: 14:00-15:30 (Exam duration: 70 minutes)



* Go to the following link and read the exam guides carefully. If there is an active link, click on it and read it as well.

* Download the Respondus Lockdown Browser and set it up                                                                                   ( )

* Connect to the Zoom session using your cell phone or a tablet with a working camera. Do not join Zoom using your computer.

* Be ready to present your picture ID for attendance.

*Keep your camera ON at all times and stay in the Zoom meeting. If you finish early and want to leave, you must ask for permission using Zoom CHAT. Failure to do so may result in ZERO.

*DO NOT use your microphone to contact the teacher. If you must say something, write it in the chat box in the Zoom session.

*Make sure your Zoom name is the same as your name on your ID. Otherwise, you will not be admitted to the Zoom session.

* Follow the teacher's instructions carefully.

*Go to (The Exit Exam Course) to take the Exit Exam.

*Read and follow the instructions on the Exit Exam Course carefully. 

*Any attempt at cheating will result in ZERO.

*Headphones / earphones are NOT allowed except for the duration of the lecture.